Monday, 21 July 2014

Holiday Wish List with She Inside

As I am hopefully going on holiday at the start of September, I thought it would be a good idea to start looking at holiday shopping but I thought rather than shopping in the obvious places, i'd check out She Inside as i've heard a lot about them in the blogging world.
What I like about She Inside, is that they do some lovely pieces but for a fraction of the price and you can often find similar pieces to that on the high street that have more than likely sold out. Anyway, i've out together a little wish list of a few pieces that i've got my eye on at the moment.

Starting off with this lovely Floral Print Tassel Kimono (£12.01), which is just a stunning piece. What with kimono's being a staple piece at the moment, I could see myself coordinating this into my wardrobe in so many way and would look lovely when on holiday, as you can chuck it on over a bikini or throw it on when it gets colder in the evening. This next piece is one that i've spied for when heading down to the pool or beach, and it is this lovely Arrow Print Jumpsuit (£9.02). This looks super lightweight and would look lovely just chilling around the pool, or taking a stroll around as you wouldn't get too hot. 

This next piece is something i've wanted for ages, but have never found anywhere that stocks it so I was so happy to see that they stock it. I'm of course talking about this lovely White Cut Out Shift Dress (£11.41). The only thing i'd be a little concerned about is the tan lines, or in my case burn lines i'd get from this, but it would look lovely in the evenings. Sticking with white and I spotted this lovely White Short Sleeve Crochet Crop Top (£11.41). I've seen this crochet pattern everywhere at the moment and I can't help but want some of it, and this top would look so nice with some high waisted denim shorts, or even some mom jeans.

These last two pieces are very summery, and not really me but I love them. Firstly is this gorgeous Sunflower Print Vest (£9.02), and I just love the peplum style detail to this. Again you could easily style this up with some shorts or even a nice mini skirt. Lastly is the beautiful Sleeveless Pineapple Print Vest (£8.61), which is just adorable. I'm loving the pineapple print at the moment, and this is so cute!

So those are all the things i'm lusting over from She Inside. Honestly, check out their website as they have some lovely pieces and they are so affordable!

What are you lusting over anything from She Inside?


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Sunday, 20 July 2014

This Week I #29

I'm back with sharing what i've been up to this past week, as last week nothing really happened as I was working the majority of the week. This week i've had pretty much the whole week off so i've spent it relaxing, catching up with people and just enjoying the nice weather. 
Tried to eat a little healthier - This week i've really been trying to eat a little more healthier, nothing crazy but with me now being back at the gym I thought making a few healthy eating changes would help. 
 Nabbed this cute bag from Primark - I've seen a few bloggers styling these bags, and when I saw them in my local Primark for £8 I just had to have it. It stores everything I need if i'm just popping out, and it looks super cute.
Had my first Nando's in probably a year - Earlier on in the week, myself and a bunch of friends popped to Nandos as we hadn't all had seen each other and we thought it would be nice to catch up over some tasty chicken. So good!

Next weekend i'll be celebrating my 21st, so expect some fun updates from that. 

What have you been up to this week?


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Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer Travel Staples

With many of us jetting off on holidays/weekend trips at the moment, and as I am hopefully going on holiday early September i've recently been thinking towards the products that I would take on holiday and this may also give you some tips if you're struggling with your beauty packing.


Starting off with the base and as the weather is a bit on the warmer side at the moment here in the UK, and of course will be scorching if you're jetting off somewhere warm, the one thing you are going to need is a good primer. I've opted for the Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer (£29), which is a lovely lightweight primer that blends in lovely and really helps to make your foundation stay in place. It also helps to give your skin that holiday glow by boosting your skins radiance, which I also love. As for foundation, the key thing is keeping it light and i'm currently loving the L'oreal True Match Foundation (£9.99), it's super lightweight but gives a nice coverage that is quite build able and i've noticed that it stays put really well, which you are going to want if you're going to be facing some heat.


Moving onto the cheeks and i've been keeping this really simple lately. A light bronzer such as The Body Shop Honey Bronzer (£13) has been my go to for some light contouring, just to add a little something extra to my skin whilst also giving my face a subtle hint of bronze. For blushers i've really been getting back into my peachy pinks as they just give you that lovely glow, and the Tarte 'Peaceful' Blusher (£23) is the one i've been reaching for. The Tarte blushers are great because they do not budge throughout the day, which makes them even more lustful as I hate when i'm on holiday and within an hour my blush is half way down my face. 


Now onto the eye area and when it comes to holidays I really like to keep everything looking as natural as possible, but if I am wanting to do an eyelook then I will usually pick something that I can muilti task with. I've been opting for the Wet'n'Wild Knock On Wood Palette as the darker brown shade works great for filling in my brows, but I can also create a few different eye looks with this. I love the pinky hues at the moment as I find they really bring out my eye colour. Going back a step kind of, if I am wanting to do some sort of eye look then an eye primer is coming along with me, and the Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye Primer (£20.50) does exactly what you need it to. Lastly with the eyes I like a good mascara that is going to add some length and volume, and The Body Shop Big & Curvy Mascara (£10) does exactly that. I love the brush on this mascara as it just applies the product so well to the lashes, and gives such great volume.

What products are your summer travel staples?


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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Beauty Bad Habits #1

I've seen a few bloggers doing similar posts to this, where they highlight the habits they've got into when it comes to the beauty realm of their lives and I of course have noticed some of my bad habits recently, so I thought i'd share and see if it's not just me. 


More and more i've noticed that my skincare routine is either on point or not there what so ever. Recently i've been quite good, at least getting the basic routine in of cleansing, oil/serum and moisturiser but sometimes especially in the evening that all goes down the pan and I switch to either makeup wipes or my trusty micellar solutions. We're all guilty of it, sometimes that makeup removal process is just too much at the end of a long day.


My hair has got a lot better over the years, after finding out that a clarifying shampoo has been lacking from my hair care routine but on those days where my roots are looking that little shiny, whacking out the dry shampoo is my only option. Washing my hair is the most boring of tasks and as it is quite long it takes ages to dry, so on those days where I can get away with it I will opt for a dry shampoo. I've also found the brunette ones are great for when my roots are showing, as it works to hide them on the couple of days before re-dying my hair. 


Another one we're all guilty of, and over the past year i've invested in more brushes because I really don't want to wash my brushes. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but when i've got 10 or more brushes to wash, it makes the task prolonged even more. Having said that, I love the feeling of a freshly washed brush, it's like fresh bed sheets, you just can't beat it. 

So those are my beauty bad habits. I may add more as time goes on, as i'm sure there is a lot more habits that I have not picked up on yet.

What are your bad beauty habits?


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