Monday, 22 December 2014

Favourite Blogs of 2014

With the year soon coming to close, I wanted to do another series of post where I share my favourite things from the past year, whilst also reflecting a little. This year i've seen a lot of love within the blogging community and I just love how we all support each other, it is a truly lovely community to be involved in, so I thought i'd spread a little more love and talk through my favourite reads of the year.
Being a blogger, I read so many blogs so narrowing down my favourites was quite difficult but I mainly went for the blogs that I have discovered this year and have continued to love since discovering them.

1 | Rebecca from From Roses, i've mentioned Rebecca's blog a couple times previously and I just love everything about her blog. If you're looking for a beauty/lifestyle blog that is just fresh in every way possible, content, writing etc.. then you'll love it just as much as me. I'm also pretty jealous of her photography, her images are just so clean and refreshing that I always think to myself 'why can't I make my images look like that?!'

2 | Lydia from Lydia Rose, is one of the loveliest bloggers that I ever spoken too and her blog is pretty awesome too! I've been following Lydia right from the get go, and it's amazing to have seen her blog grow into what it has and some of the experiences she has gained from it are truly admirable. If you are looking for a fashion/beauty blog with something a little different to the norm, then look no further.

3 | Claudia from Beauty and the Chic, is one of my favourite beauty blogs of the year and is one that I will always go back to. Her photography is something I admire most about her blog, along with her in depth reviews and swatches in pretty much every beauty post, she is one you can count on as she puts her heart and sole into her blog.

4 | Mollie from Molly Manning, is another one my favourite all rounder blogs. She covers a bit of everything from fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and her writing style is so relaxed and refreshing to read. Being a photography student, her photography is bloody amazing, simple yet amazing and i'm often envious whenever I scroll through her blog!

5 | Jen from Jenny Purr has been my go to blog when it comes to all things blogging advice over the past few months. She shares some amazing tips and topics i'd never even considered, and has really opened up my mind on how to improve my blog, how to handle my blog, the pressure that comes with blogging and just how to be a lot more organised in general. If you're struggling or just fancy some blogging advice, then take a little peak as you're bound to learn a trick or two.

6 | Charissa Rae from Charissa Rae has been a long term favourite of mine pretty much from the beginning, but there is something different about her style that separates her from 'other' fashion bloggers, and that something is what I enjoy so much about her blog. I find her style a lot more wearable and I take a lot of inspiration from her when styling my own daily looks. Charissa is also seriously pretty, I need to learn some makeup tips from that girl as she always looks flawless.

7 | Andrea from Rosy Chicc is another one of my favourite beauty blogs to read as she gives some amazing in depth reviews, and I will always look to her blog before purchasing a product. Her photography is like no other blogger that i've ever seen, her editing/photography skills are seriously breath taking as her images are so clear and high in quality, which just adds to her amazing reviews.

8 | Charlotte from Things I Do, Think and Buy has become a recent favourite of mine, but I find her style so cute and quirky and i'm sometimes so envious of her wardrobe. Even though Charlotte's style isn't all that similar to mine, there are certain aspects of her style that I take inspiration from and incorporate it into my own style, usually her accessories or shoes and I just love seeing how she styles different outfits. If you're a lover of girly, yet sophisticated style then take a look at Charlotte's blog.

9 | Helen from The Lovecats Inc is another firm favourite of mine, but more so recently I have not been able to stop reading her blog as she has really stepped up her game. The mixture of content from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, baking, advice etc.. is what always brings me back to Helen's blog and she is always so consistent and her writing style is so easy to read. I also love the cleanness of her blog, from the layout to the photography, it's really lovely to see such a breath taking blog.

Which blogs have you enjoyed reading this year?


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Sunday, 21 December 2014

This Week I #43

This week has been a pretty good week, even though I have been working the majority of the week i've had a really good week and i'm now so excited for Christmas, I cannot even begin to explain! 
Decorated our Christmas Tree - On Sunday we finally got our Christmas tree and I briefed my Mum that I wanted a fat tree this year and thank fully that is what I got! We went for a blue, silver and white theme this year, which turned out really well and I really love how it looks. Now just to fit all the presents under it! 
Announced my giveaway winners! - As most of you know, I had two amazing giveaways running on my blog for the past month and they both ended last weekend. So a big congrats to Kathryn, who won my 2nd Blog Birthday/Christmas Giveaway and a big congrats to Emily, who won my Makeup Revolution Giveaway!
Went to my work Christmas party - On Tuesday night, my work had their Christmas party and us part timers joined later in the evening for drinks. Minus the torrential rain we made a good night of it, even though Tuesdays are one of the quietest nights where I live!

What have you been up to this week?


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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Cream

I know what you're thinking 'another Makeup Revolution review' and yes, because once again another amazing release has landed on my doorstep that I just have to tell you about and this time it's not a palette, it's a lip product, one you are going to love!
Apart from the Atomic Lipsticks, i've never tried out any of other Makeup Revolution lip products so when the entire collection of the Ultra Velour Lip Creams landed on my doorstep I got very excited as i've never really tried out many cream based lip products previously.

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Cream* (£3), described as a stunning lip cream that gives a velour matte finish with intensive colour, that applies smooth to the lips and is comfortable to wear. Now I couldn't agree more, as i'm not a huge fan of matte lips I would usually steer clear of the formula but these lip creams are totally different. Their creamy formula applies so smooth to the lips, with an instant matte finish that appears almost like velvet on the lips but you hardly notice the product is there and the creamy formula stops the product from drying out your lips and they do not stain your lips - a big thumbs up from me! They also smell just like whipped cream, amazing right?!

These lip creams are available in ten different shades, ranging from your everyday nude, to a deep red and some lovely pink/berry shades in between. I've picked out my favourite shades from the collection, as not every shade is my cup of tea but i'm really surprised that I can wear 6/10 of the shades available. Starting left and going across, we have 'You're Not The Best, You're Not The Last' (£3) - your typical red, one that every girl needs in her collection. 'Don't Bring Me Down' (£3) - a more pink toned red, for those who don't like a striking red lip. 'What Will It Take To Make You Love Me' (£3) - your typical hot pink/fuchsia shade. 'Not One For Playing Games' (£3) - a more pink toned purple, very similar to MAC 'Up The Amp'. 'All I Think About Is You' (£3) - a lovely plum shade, perfect for winter. Last but not least, 'Say Yes, It's What We Do Best' (£3) - a lovely deep red, one i'll probably be wearing on Christmas day.

All in all the quality of these lip creams are amazing, the rose gold box packaging is too die for, the clear tubes make it easy to see exactly what colour you're are choosing and the doufer applicator makes it so easy to apply the product. At just £3 each, these are an absolute bargain and with ten different shades to choose from, you're bound to find at least one two suit you.

Have you tried out any Makeup Revolution lip products?


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Friday, 19 December 2014

OOTD: Christmas Jumper

 If you saw my recent Christmas jumper wish list, then you would have seen me talking about a bunch of different Christmas jumpers that I had my eye on to wear on Christmas day. When I went to Plymouth last week, I was lucky enough to spot one of my favourite picks reduced, so I just had to share and show you guys my Christmas jumper for this year!
(First off, apologises for the terrible lighting even photoshop wasn't on my side with this one but hopefully they look okay!)

If you saw my Christmas Day Details post here, then you will have seen that I wore a Topshop gingerbread jumper last year and I was planning on wearing it again this year until I saw Topshops selection for this year, then I knew I had to get a new one. 

I'd had my eye on this Topshop Christmas Fairisle Sweater (£25) for quite some time as I love the festive print and the green was something different to all of the Christmas jumpers i'd already seen, the only thing that put me off was the original £40 price tag, especially as i'd only get a couple of wears out of it. As I previously mentioned, when I was visiting my Dad in Plymouth I spotted this jumper reduced to £25 and without even questioning it I picked it up and ran to the till, so quickly that i've actually picked up a size too small. It's a bit snug on the arms, meaning the itchiness on the arms is a little unbearable but I can put up with that, if it means i'll have the snazziest Christmas jumper on Christmas day!

I'll probably keep it quite simple and pair this with a pair of black jeans, nothing too fancy as I want the jumper to be the focal point of the outfit!

Have you picked up your Christmas jumper yet?


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