Friday, 19 September 2014

Mini TkMaxx Haul

As this week has been a bit of crap week just in general, I decided to drag my bum into my local town centre and buy myself a few little treats but of course I had my bargain hunter hat on as always. I found myself in my local TkMaxx and the stock in there at the moment is incredible, so I thought i'd show you guys what I picked up.
Let's start with the star of the show, the biggest bargain and ultimate find. Of course i'm talking about the YSL Shocking False Lash Effect Eyeliner (£24), which I picked up for just £12.99! It seems TkMaxx have had some amazing back log of beauty products, as my local one had all sorts of high end brands including Nars, Burberry and I even found a MAC lipgloss, but I didn't like the shade. I also almost got myself a YSL foundation, until I opened it to find it was the darkest shade going, but do pop into your local store just to see what you can find. 

Moving onto the stationary and i've needed a new notebook for a while now. I spotted a few different designs by Emma Bridgewater which really caught my eye and I ended up picking up the Black Toast Hatch A5 Notebook (£10) and again this was a bargain at £4.99. 

The last piece I picked up I found in the clearance section due to a slight fault but i'd been wanting something to store my letters and business cards in for a while so when I saw this Hold Everything Letter Organiser. It's the perfect size for me and the four different compartments will really help to organise my desk area a little more. 

Have you found any bargains in TkMaxx recently?


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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Moving into Autumn...

What with autumn pretty much on the horizon it has me thinking about the makeup changes i'll be making in the coming months, as we all know everything gets a little more darker and duller, the bright colours and pretty pastels get put away and the vampy tones come out to play.
Starting with the lips as this in an obvious one for me and i'm sure most of you, but my darker plum shades get most of their loving during the autumun/winter months. The first lipstick i'll be trying to get more wear out of this autumn/winter is the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine '18' (£24), which I have no idea why I haven't used as much as I should have because its the perfect colour for me during the colder months and it is not mattifying at all. The next lipstick is a given and that is the MAC 'Rebel' Lipstick (£15.50), seeing as I wore this to death last winter i'm sure it will be getting it's wear again this season. 

Onto the eyes, and it seems during the winter I just love to wear a bit of colour of my lids as I keep everything quite minimal during spring/summer. For a quick dab of colour I always opt for the Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow. I'm not entirely sure what shade this is, possibly '20E' but its the perfect bronzey brown and the formula of this stuff is ideal as it does not budge. If i've got a bit more time on my hands then the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette* (£4) is what i'd opt for instead. This palette has every shade i'd ever want during the autumn/winter months as I stick to my golds, bronzes and browns mainly, so this palette is just perfect. 

Last but not least let's talk about blush, and my most loved blush of all time. The Nars 'Luster' Blush (£21.50), which looks a lot darker than it actually is, but this blush I always opt for during the autumn/winter months. I seem to ditch the pinky tones and opt for more bronzier tones but this blush is the perfect mid point between a blush and a bronzer for me, and I can see me getting a lot more wear out of this in the coming months. 

What aspects of your makeup will you be changing as the seasons switch?


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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

New in: Mara Jewellery

Going back a few weeks, whilst I was at V Festival I spotted a really cute little jewellery stand amongst all the other stalls at the festival and their pieces really caught my eye. Whilst I was perusing the jewellery I took a business card and once I had cleaned myself off after the festival, I contacted them and I was delighted when they offered to send me a few pieces.
Mara Jewellery is an independant jewellery brand owned and designed by the lovely Miranda, creating beautiful handmade jewellery collections, with each stone, bead, charm and chain sourced and handpicked globally to ensure each collection is one of a kind. 

Staring off with the Mocora Bracelet (£17), which is this beautiful turquoise stone bracelet with a triangle chain detailing. When it comes to jewellery I always opt for for blue/green stones, and when I saw this bracelet I just fell in love and it accessorises my everyday outfits perfectly. Moving onto probably my favourite piece, which is actually from her Mini Mara childrens collection but I liked it that much I had to have it. This is the Down To Earth Necklace (£10), which is a really subtle piece but is great for everyday wear as I find that subtle pieces suit my outfits better. I love the arrows on this as anything geometric instantly draws me and i've been wearing this pretty much everyday since getting it. 

This next piece is from their most recent collection, the Medina Collection, which they showcased at V Festival and as I fell in love with their Fes Necklace (£19), I was thrilled to see they'd included it in my little parcel. Also, Mara take such great price in their packing with each piece boxed and wrapped so neatly, it's always that attention to detail that makes me know when someone provides a good service. 

These last two pieces are my favourite combination to wear together. Both from the Midnight Collection, starting with the Kraz Necklace (£17). This piece has got me again with the geometric detailing of the triangle charms, and I really like the contrast of the black stones and gold chain. Another subtle and dainty piece, with just enough detail to wear in the day. As I loved the necklace so much, I had to choose the matching bracelet, which is the Sirius Bracelet (£14)

Each piece from Mara is completely different to anything i've ever seen and the quality of each piece is just outstanding, you can really tell that time and effort is put into creating every single piece.

Whats your favourite Mara Jewellery piece?


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Friday, 12 September 2014

A Little Break to Mallorca..

As most of you know i've been on holiday! I got back on Wednesday afternoon after a lovely week of soaking up the sun, or in my case burning to the point of looking like a lobster and just generally chilling out. I did take my camera, but I didn't use it as I just wanted to chill out, but I thought i'd share a few snaps that I took on my phone.
As you can tell from the title of this post, I went to Mallorca with one of my good friends Abbie and we stayed at the Mallorca Rocks Hotel, and it turned out half the people on our flight were also staying there. A bit of a stressful flight, I wont lie as a man in the row in front of us decided to start fitting, which wasn't a nice experience but luckily the flight was just over two hours long. 

To be honest the entire holiday consisted of mainly relaxing by the pool all day and lucky me managed to burn pretty bad on the first couple of days and then going out on the night in search for wifi and food and seeing as we were in Magaluf we ended up on the strip a few times. We were pretty lucky that BCM, one of the main clubs out there had some pretty decent acts on including Mistajam, Chase and Status and Example who we all went to see. Our hotel also had The Kooks, which we enjoyed from our balcony whilst packing up our bags on Tuesday evening. 

All in all I had a really relaxing holiday, soaking up the sun and enjoying some really good music, which was just what I needed. A break from the daily routine and just some time away to think about things and I realised a lot of things out there, which I think I needed as i've come back feeling a lot more positive about the future. Oh and 'sex on the beach' is my new favourite cocktail!

I hope the scheduled posts kept you guys updated enough whilst I was away, but i'm back and i'm excited to get back into the swing of things.

Have you been on holiday recently?

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